Privacy Policy

In this page Casa Bertagni – Mafra S.r.l. describes how to manage a website with reference to the use of data personal treatment by users who consult or send e-mail to the addresses available on the site.
If you have any doubt, please contact to:



Starting from the 25th of May 2018 the new privacy rules has been taken place pursuant to EU 679/2016 Regulation (GDPR) in all European law Territory, besides national law.

GDPR provides for additional protection and, at the same time, it imposes new obligations for those who process personal data, data that could be acquired through the web site.

If you need information on GDPR, please have a look at It will help you to know the new rules and to know your rights.

One of the main principle is transparency: any interested party should know in advance, in a clear and comprehensive way, which of their information is gathered, who will process the information, the reasons why the information is processed and how long. The Party should even know if the information may be used for commercial purposes or for profiling, if the information will be eventually communicated to third parties with the aim to carry out effectively data management quality.

Privacy Policy is given pursuant to article 13 GDPR, in conformity with the Guidelines of the working group pursuant to article 29 of Transparency.

Privacy Policy has been studied for whom who interact with the site, starting from the homepage.



Privacy Policy has given only regarding this website: and not even for other web site, possibly consulted by users using links in the website.

The existence of one or more link toward a site which is not linked to Casa Bertagni – Mafra S.r.l. does not mean automatic acceptance of responsibility from Casa Bertagni – Mafra S.r.l. about the content or regarding the website use by third parties.

It is recommended to the users who wish to send data toward website of third parties, to carefully read the declarations regarding privacy, before providing personal data.



The controller processing personal data is CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. F.C. and VAT 03983390372, that you can contact to the following address, reachable for any kind of communication or request regarding personal data: Via G.B. De Rolandis n. 7 – CAP 40126 – Bologna. Email:



CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) pursuant to law and will communicate to the Privacy Authority and to users towards Privacy Policy of the website. The Data Protection Officer of the structure has to be considered Laura Lecchi, lawyer of the Court of Bologna, having its office in Via Canonica n. 4 – CAP 40126 Bologna.




By accessing and browsing the site, gathering of personal data is not included, only in the page Contact where you can find the contact form for which there will be given a specific privacy information.

On line reservation process will be treated from CASA BERTAGNI using the so called platform “Booking One” licensed to by the company “MM One Group S.r.l.”, having its office in Noventa di Piave (VE), Via Canova n. 119, ITALIA, subject to specific form regarding data treatment.

However, the computer system – as part of the normal running – could store some browsing data. The transmission of data is automatic and necessary for the functioning of the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l., being linked to the use of Internet communication protocols. This data are not ghater with the aim to be associated to the identity, however could indirectly – processes and relations with data held by third parties – consent the identification.
For these reasons, they could be considered “personal data” pursuant to GDPR.

For instance, considering IP adresses Domain name of computer used by users that are connected to the site CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l., (Uniform Resource Identifier adresses) of resources requested, timing of the request, method used in asking for the server request, file dimension ghatered as answer, numeric code indicating the answer given to server (error, ecc.) and all the other parameters indicating the operating system and the environment of the user.



Cookies used by the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. are technical or analytics.

The website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. does not use cookies neither to transmit personal information, nor other kind of cookies, or system to track the users.

Profiling cookies are not used.

Session cookies (cookies that are not stored persistently on the user computer and disappear when the browser is closed), is strictly limited to the transmittion of session ID data (Session ID data are generated from the server) necessary to consent site to be browsed securely and efficiently.

The so called session cookies used in the site CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. on line permit to avoid to use other technical that could affect the confidentiality of browsing by users and that not consent personal data that may identify the user.

Please find more information on our Cookie Policy.



Any optional, explicit and voluntary email sent to the addresses indicated on the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. involve the subsequent acquisition of the sender address, address that has to be considered necessary to answer to the requests or to answer or involve the subsequent acquisition of other personal data included in the message.

In all pages of the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. in which are present functions or forms that consent to the users to enable personal data, are supplied specific privacy forms dedicated, forms that have to be considered easily accessible from each pages so that the users could be totally aware of the use that can be done of their personal data.

CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. as data controller Casa Bertagni – Mafra S.r.l. provides that in case the user gives spontaneously personal data from particular categories, pursuant to article 9 of GDPR (considering that information that indicate racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, politics, ideologies, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations any personal data regarding an individual’s health status, sex) data will be treated confidentially pursuant to law in force, indicated strictly in the specific information.

These data will be disclosed only to intended recipients indicated in each specific form and will not be used for commerciale scope, expect in case the part has given specific consent.


CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. could send commercial communication exclusively to that users that have given specific consent, flagging the form to accept below the contact form indicated at contact page.



Data provided will be processed for the following purposes:
a. in order to give the possibility to the user to browse the website;
b. to obtain anonymous and statistic information regarding the use of the website and to check the correct functioning. Data will be destroyed immediately after been processed.
c. To determine any liability in case of computer violation against the website.



Data acquired from CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. toward the optional, explicit and voluntary email sent to the addresses indicated on the site or toward the form “Contatti” will be treated only if necessary to answer to the requests of users.

Data acquired from CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. toward the optional, explicit and voluntary send of CV from people who want to collaborate will be treated only with the aim to evaluate the applications.

Specific forms are put on the website from which are gathered personal data filling out forms, including details of specific processing purposing.

Legal basis for the processing of data above mentioned is the express consent of the user, acquired pursuant to GDPR.



Browsing data

The recipients of browsing data are:

– CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. Employes working;

– Providers of services linked to the functioning of the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l.



Recipients of data supplied voluntary by the user – as specified in the single forms – will be the following users, indicated individually or considering categories:
– Employees and staff expressively authorized;
– Provider of on-line services (Booking One);
– Provider of e-mail services;
– Provider of services linked to the function of the website CASA BERTAGNI; -Staff for reparation services;
– Provider of cloud services, hosting services and virtual server; -Provider of mobile services;
– Provider of communication and chat services;
– Provider of mailing list;
– Provider of file transfer service;
– Provider of assistance service remote;
– Social Network (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp);
– OTA Platforms Providers;
– Data will not communicate to other categories, nor will be disclosed or published. Data could be communicated to Authorities, pursuant to law in force or if there is a request from legitimated subjects.



In case IT service providers and CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. programs provide that Data could be transferred on server placed in extra-UE countries, in case IT service providers and CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. used programs provide for it or in case IT service providers use cloud computing technologies that, even for its nature, could not consider for certain where data is collocated.

Pursuant to law, it has to be considered that currently the European Commission has planned an adequacy decision not for all State but only for a limited number of State (Andorra, Argentine, Australia, PNR, Canada, Faer Oer, Guernsey, Man Isle, Israel, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay), this means that its personal data could be transferred from services used (for instance Skype, Gmail) that will be transferred to countries where it is not published an adequacy decision; furthermore actually CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. is not in a position to supply appropriate guarantees.

But we should bear in mind that CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. has accurately selected only providers who are able to offer an high level of security and protection of personal data.



Please be informed that, in the quality of subject interested, you have all rights provided for GDPR:

  • Access right (art. 15),
  • Right to reply (art. 16),
  • Right to erasure (art. 17),
  • Right to restriction of processing (art. 18),
  • Right to data portability (art. 20),
  • Right to oppose (art. 21).

Furthermore it is possible to lift in any moment the consent given for the processing of data; the lift produce its effects from the moment in which it become known. The lift shall not affect the lawfulness of processing data, based on the consent previously given.

Finally any data subject shall have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.

In any case, the exercise of your rights shall be made known to whom the data has been communicated, except the exemption provided for GDPR, with reference to the content, please refer to the following link: regolamentoue/diritti-degli-interessati.

In some cases (erasure, limitation, opposition) the exercise of your rights could bring to the impossibility to provide services, in full or in part, on his behalf.

All rights described are exercised after receiving an informal request (via mail to the following address privacy@……………. PEC ______________) to CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l., even thanks to an entity processing to whom is given an appropriate response without any delay.



The data subject could always revoke its own consent that has been given previously, in the same manner it was expressed before, or by e-mail, sending the lift to the following address: _______________.

The mail will come into effect from the moment the subject will receive it, therefore, from the moment the mail is received, it gives the possibility to interrupt any treatment and it gives the possibility to communicate to any data protection officer or to sub officer to be aware and to adeguate the data treatment.

We remind you that the eventual withdraw of the consent shall be without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent before the revoke.



Any data subject has the right to propose a claim to data protection authority via web, in case of data violation or in case of prejudice to its own rights, filling out the application form, available on this web site:



It is not mandatory to provide data nevertheless it is necessary to give the possibility to CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. to give execution to the contract, to fulfill with the obligations imposed by law and it is necessary in case we eventually decide to send communication or updating.

The failure in providing data or the partial provide of data could bring to a non- performing, inaccurate or partial execution of the contract or could bring to the impossibility to do certain transactions in case data are necessary for the execution of the contract/transactions or could bring to the impossibility to do that kind of the contract/transactions or could bring to the impossibility to do that kind of transactions where the communication of data is needed to subject which functions are linked with the execution.

It is not compulsory to provide data with regard to marketing activity and/or in case of promotional communications, infact the data treatment for that purpose will need the express consent of the subject data.



CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. will not use personal data to profile nor to activate an automated decision-making process.



Data spontaneously given by the user using e-mail addresses on the website and/or toward the forms present in specific pages will not used for profiling scope, nor to activate automated decision-making processes.



Data controller take adeguate technical and organizzative security measures, pursuant to GDPR with the aim to minimize the risks regarding personal data, for instance considering the destruction or loss, even accidentally, unauthorized access, or unauthorized process not in accordance with purpose of collection, as defined in the present Privacy Policy.



Treatment can be performed pursuant to article 32 of GDPR and treatment will be done by electronic, informatics, telematic and/or manual technology.

As a result of periodic controls, Data Controller will check the relevant and non excess of data gathered, considering obligations and purpose of the treat.



With the aim to be compliant with the law, data controller – in case the user use the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. not properly, to commit irregularities and/or to implement conduct criminally punishable will inform the Public Authority, to the full extent of the law.



The present Privacy Policy could be modified in case certain features are added to the website CASA BERTAGNI – MAFRA S.r.l. or following comments and suggestions by users.

The same Privacy Policy could be modified in any moment thanks to the publication of an update version on the website, having effectiveness from the date on which the publication takes effect.

Cookies Policy


Please, bear in mind that you can find two macro-categories of cookies:
A) technical cookies B) profiling cookies.

A) Technicalcookies
Technical cookies are used with the sole purpose to “allow the transmition of communication on the web or where strictly necessary to a supplier of an information technology service, in case the user ask for that service.” Cookies are used only with the aim above mentioned and they are installed directly from the data controller or by the website operator.
Cookies can be divided in browsing cookies or session cookies that can guarantee the normal browser and use of the web site (cookies can allow to purchase or to authenticate to access restricted areas); analytics cookies are considered similar to technical cookies in case they are used directly from the site manager to gather information, in an aggregated form, regarding the number of users and to gather information on how users visit the site; functional cookies that allow the users to browse, considering a number of selected criteria (for instance, the language, the services selected for the reservation requested) with the aim to improve the service given.
With regard to the installation of cookies, consider that the previous consent of users is not requested; differently there is the obligation to give the form pursuant to article 13 of GDPR, establishing that in case the site manager use only that devices, the same could use the modality that are considered appropriate.

B) Profiling cookies
Profiling cookies have the aim to create a profile of the user and are used with the idea to send advertising messages that are in line with the preferences expressed by the user while browsing the web. Considering the high invasiveness that could have that devices, European law and national Italian law provide that the user must be properly informed with regard to the use of cookies so that a valid consent has been given.
In light of what above described, it is necessary to underline that the website use exclusively technical cookies, with the aim to track the browsing activities, without identifying or without profiling the user.
Browsing data are considered personal data therefore we ask you to give or not the consent regarding data treatment, as indicated above with regard to the technical cookies purposes.