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Casa Bertagni is located in the historic center of Bologna, in a restricted traffic area (Z.T.L.). In order to avoid fines on unauthorised routes, please follow the instructions below; we will register the license plates of the vehicles reaching us through the gates indicated below. Different routes are not authorised for our guests; detours may result in fines.

For arrivals 8-10 pm, a late check-in fee of €20.00 will be charged (€30.00 10-midnight; €50.00 after midnight).

When you arrive in Bologna:

Casa Bertagni can be reached by two gates on the ring roads: via San Giacomo and via Mascarella. The position to be set in the navigator is: Via Giovanni Battista de Rolandis 7- 40126 BOLOGNA.
We wish to remind you that if you use a GPS navigator it does not consider any preferential lanes or pedestrian areas. It is important, in order not to receive fines, to notify the number plate of your car on arrival. The license plate will be communicated to the Traffic Office online at the check-in.

From the highway:

Route 1:
Take exit 11. Head towards the center. Continue straight for 2.6 km. You are in via Massarenti. When you notice on the left a hospital (several pavilions facing the street, Ospedale Sant’Orsola) the road is about to end. At the end of the street is an ancient gate in front of Bologna, and the avenues of the Circonvallazione (ring road); before the gate you must turn right. You are in the avenues (Viale Filopanti). Stay to the left of the avenue, because after 280 meters, at the traffic light, you must turn left. Cross the avenue and go straight (The street is called via San Giacomo and has a snake shape). In Via San Giacomo there is a sign reporting a limited traffic area (ZTL) with cameras, but in reality there is no access detector and / or cameras. So, when you see the ZTL / ZONE Limited Traffic sign, do not worry and proceed straight. At the end of the road turn slightly to the right, you must avoid a sort of half-round-a-bout (Piazza Puntoni) continue straight. The name of the street changes to via De Rolandis. We are at number 7, a yellow house on the right. Leave the car in front of the car gate. Ring the Casa Bertagni bell.

Route 2:
Take exit 7 (Stalingrado) towards the center. Follow it for 2.3 km, passing over a bridge. The bridge ends on the ring road avenues. In front of you find the rest of an ancient Bologna gate. Go next to it, and go straight on via Mascarella. Here you meet a sign that signals the ZTL and the cameras, proceed straight. At the traffic light turn left, you are in via Irnerio, follow it for 450 meters, turn right around a brick building, enter via Zamboni, follow it until you are forced to turn right. This is via de Rolandis.

From the airport: follow the direction TANGENZIALE SAN LAZZARO / ANCONA, exit number 7 or 11 (as before)

Pay attention to the directions given, because otherwise you could cross the gates of the ZTL (restricted traffic area) in unauthorized gates, with cameras, and then have to pay a fine.


exit from the PIAZZA MEDAGLIE D’ORO section. You can take a taxi (8-10 euros) about 8min distance. by car from the station.

BUS: line 36 or 37. The stops are in front of the train station exit, piazzale “Medaglie d’oro” under the Mercure hotel, the stop where you have to get off is PORTA SAN DONATO. or on foot, it’s 15/20 minutes walk.
If you need help we will be happy to assist you by contacting +39 346 3239893.


The easiest way to reach Casa Bertagni is by taxi, the ride costs around € 20

Transfer service:
on request we can provide shuttle service:
Railway Station: € 18 up to 4 people; € 23 up to 8 people
Airport: € 28 up to 4 people; € 38 up to 8 people


Distances in Km
Milan/Bologna: 201 km
Rome/Bologna: 303 km
Florence/Bologna: 123 km
Verona/Bologna: 108 km
Ravenna/Bologna: 86 km
Ferrara/Bologna: 55 km
Modena/Bologna: 46 km

Milan/Bologna: 1h
Rome/Bologna: 2h 17min
Florence/Bologna: 38 min
Verona/Bologna: 50 min
Ravenna/Bologna: 1h 21 min
Ferrara/Bologna: 22 min
Modena/Bologna: 21 min


We have a private courtyard with some parking spaces. The cost is € 25 / day. Please reserve the parking space in advance.

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